Volunteering with us

Volunteering is one of the most rewarding ways to use spare time - helping others and making a difference to their lives. Our volunteer staff (over 80 are currently active) go a long way to making the centre the success it is today. In our financial year 2009-2010 volunteers accounted for over 14,000 hours of work across almost the entire operations of the charity and are essential members of our workforce.

Our volunteers give time and skills to support an issue they care about, gaining first-hand experience working with our client groups to overcome adversity and suffering. Most volunteers started out just wanting to give to others, but then learn that they get back so much more.

Volunteers learn the predicament of asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in the UK. By understanding and addressing the unfairness that asylum seekers, refugees and migrants face, volunteers play an active role in turning our society into a fairer place. And nearly 30 percent of our volunteers have experienced or are experiencing the process of asylum seeking themselves.